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Pricing you just can't beat

Mesibo is completely free for all - not only messaging, but even voice and video calls. You can use all the mesibo features absolutely free irrespective of free or commercial usage OR the size of enterprise using it. You only pay if you cross Free Tier Limits.

All Features Included

  • One on One Messaging
  • Group Chat
  • Voice and Video Calling
  • End to End Encryption
  • and all other Features

Free Tier Limits

  • MAU - 20,000
  • Concurrent Users - 10% of MAU
  • 5GB Bandwidth
  • 1GB Real-time DB Storage
  • Unlimited Voice/Video Calls


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  • Email
  • Community
  • Phone Calls (enterprise only)

Unlike other services, mesibo free plan does not impose any ridiculously low limits. In fact, many applications can operate in a production environment within mesibo free tier limits. Additionally, as your apps grow beyond free limits, mesibo offers flexible pay as you go plan as low as $0.9 for 1GB bandwidth (about 20M messages) - real-time communication was never more affordable than this.

Pay As You Go Pricing

You only need mesibo paid services if your app outnumbers mesibo free tier limit.

Item Price per month*
Monthly Active Users US$ 0.001 per MAU
Concurrent Users** 10% of MAU - read notes below.
Bandwidth US$ 0.9 per GB
Storage US$ 2.5 per GB
Monthly Commitment US$ 49

Unlike traditional services that ask you to choose from one of the pre decided plan (whether it suits your need or not), mesibo only charge you based on the number of monthly active users (MAU) and messaging capacity utilised by your app. It is worth noting that mesibo will only charge you for the resources you consume beyond your free tier limits.

* Pay as you go rates will be applied only when you cross the free tier limit during each billing period, subject to the monthly commitment of US$ 49.

** Concurrent users limit will be 10% of the MAU. However, in case you cross 10% limit, it will be compensated by billing you for MAU = (concurrent users X 10).

Refer to Notes and FAQs below for more information.


Pricing Calculator

Amount: $ -

Note: Calculation does not reflect minimum commitment and overheads.

How will you be Billed?

Assume that your application has 100K monthly active users (MAU) and sends 120 million messages of average 50 bytes (utilising about 6 GB bandwidth). mesibo offers you a free quota of 20K MAU and 5GB bandwidth. Hence, mesibo will only charge for extra MAU and extra bandwidth over the free tier limits.

In this case, the total cost is $80.90 per month ($80 for (100K-20K = 80K) MAU, $0.9 for (6GB-5GB = 1GB) bandwidth). Use Pricing Calculator to get an estimate for different resource requirements, during monthly billing period.

To know more about MAU, message bandwidth and storage, Refer to Notes and FAQs below.

Pricing Notes

Free Plan

You can get started with mesibo and use it for free. Upon sign-up, your account will be added with sufficient free quota to use mesibo up to a great extent. You can use these free tier limits forever without paying a single penny until your usage grows and you wish to switch to Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) plan.

Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) Plan

You can switch to PAYG plan anytime by adding the credit balance in your account subject to minimum monthly commitment of US$ 49. Note that, you cannot switch back to a Free plan once switched to PAYG plan.

It is worth noting that you will continue to enjoy your free quota even in PAYG plan.

PAYG Credits

You can add PAYG credit balance as low as US$ 50 in your account whenever you need to. Your usage charges (minimum US$ 49) will be deducted from the credit balance at the end of a monthly billing cycle and the remaining credit will be carried forward for the next billing period. You can check your credit balance in ‘My Account’ section of the console.

Limits, Quotas and Constraints

mesibo offers free quota for both free and PAYG subscription. If you exceed these limits, add credits into your account to prevent any interruption of service. We count, quota as defined below.

  • MAU

    MAU is counted when a user connects to mesibo server within monthly billing period. To further clarify, it will be only counted as one when a unique user connects to mesibo server multiple times within monthly billing period.

  • Concurrent Users (or peak connections or simultaneous connection)

    Concurrent users limit will be 10% of the MAU. In our experience, simultaneous users are generally less than 5% of MAU and hence you unlikely to cross that limit. However, in case you cross 10% limit, it will be compensated by billing you for MAU = ( concurrent users X 10).

  • Messages

    A message is the unit of data which is sent between two users or multiple users in the case of a group message. Messages are charged by the size of messages (refer below).

    • Message Delivery and Storage

      mesibo uses cut-through switching to deliver your messages in real-time with minimum latency. However, if the destination is not online, mesibo stores the messages till the user is online. If you decide not to save messages in database, you can do so by setting a flag while sending messages using client-side API.

    • Message Retention

      mesibo offers unlimited message retention period, only limited by the storage quota and usage. You can anytime clear storage from mesibo console or using server-side API.

    • Message Charges

      Instead of message count, mesibo charges for offline messages stored in the database, and the total outbound network traffic at the session layer (layer 5) of the OSI model to deliver messages to your connected/online users. The network traffic includes payload, as well as protocol & encryption overheads (refer below). Note that, mesibo absorbs traffic due to TCP/IP overheads and does not charge you for that. You can view statistic of your traffic and storage usage in mesibo console.

    • Protocol and Encryption overheads
      • Protocol overhead:

        Some additional traffic between the server and clients is necessary to establish and maintain a connection. Depending on the choice of API (client or server-side), this traffic might include: mesibo protocol overhead, or HTTPS header overhead. Each time a connection is established, this overhead, combined with any SSL encryption overhead, contributes to the connection costs. This shouldn't contribute a lot to overall traffic, however it can be a substantial if your client connects frequently for the short duration.

      • SSL encryption overhead:

        There is an overhead associated with the secure encrypted connection (TLS). On an average, this cost is approximately 3.5KB to 6KB for the initial handshake, and approximately tens of bytes for TLS record headers plus padding on each outgoing message. For most apps, this is a small percentage of your traffic. However, it can grow large if your client makes frequent encrypted connections for the short duration. You can selectively enable (default) or disable secure encrypted connection using client side API.

  • Connection

    A connection is counted every time when your client connects to mesibo server. Your client may connect multiple times in a day because of the way mobile operating systems work. When the screen goes OFF on your mobile devices, Android and iOS usually move apps to sleep state within some duration and then disconnects all the network connections to conserve system resources and battery life. Hence, apps will need to reconnect when they come out of sleep. While mesibo client API takes care of reconnection and your app doesn't have to do anything extra, it is worth knowing why it happens and protocol/encryption overheads associated with it.

  • Audio/Video calling

    Audio and Video calling minutes are unlimited in both free and paid plans. Typically, 5 to 8 messages are exchanged to setup or re-connect a voice or a video call. In addition to that, minimal messages are exchanged from each end every few seconds to keep call alive, exchange quality and control information etc. Only those messages will be counted in your billing. There are no other charges for the duration of the call or the bandwidth unless you use our TURN (relay) service.

  • File Transfer, Cloud storage & File size

    mesibo allows you to use your own file servers or cloud services like Amazon AWS, Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Microsoft Azure etc.., for file storage. Hence, mesibo has no restriction on file size. You can send files of unlimited size using mesibo. Also, unlike other services which charges premium for secure/encrypted file transfer, mesibo allows you to encrypt each and every message without any additional charges.

  • TURN (relay)

    You can add TURN (relay) to add reliability to calls by assisting some users that are behind badly behaving OR symmetric firewalls (roughly less than 5% of users).

Charges & Billing

Your account will be billed at the Pay-As-You-Go rates for the following resources. Usage charges start from the billing date and consist of charge for the following resources consumed in a calendar month.

  1. MAU
  2. Bandwidth
  3. Storage
  4. TURN

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel this PAYG subscription at any time by stop using it. There is no refund of credit balance.


For free users, community is the best way to get support. Paid users will be given email and phone support in addition to the community.


mesibo offers migration service to migrate from any existing API as part of our custom solutions.

Pricing FAQ

Q: What is Monthly Active Users?

Monthly Active User (MAU) is a key performance indicator (KPI) often used by mobile apps, online games and social networking sites. MAU represents the unique monthly active users for a monthly billing period. MAU is counted when an user connects to mesibo server within monthly billing period. To further clarify, it will be only counted as one when a unique user connects to mesibo server multiple times during the monthly billing period. A connection is required to perform any types of communication (sending and receiving messages, calls etc) between users and servers.

Q: What is Concurrent Users (peak connections/simultaneous connection)?

Concurrent Users is metric of maximum number of users connected to mesibo server at the same time in any given moment. This number does not quantify unique users at all and is a raw count of connections. Typically, CCU is 10% of daily active users (DAU) which is typically 50% of MAU. However, these metrics vary from an app to app and also depending on the nature of app. Calculating and watching CCU will help you determine the right mesibo plan for your app today and in future.

Concurrent users are also referred to as peak or simultaneous connections.

Q: What is Message Rate Limit?

Message rate limit (throttling) is refer to as total number of messages that can be send by all your users in any given second. Typically, a message rate/second for an application like WhatsApp is 0.05% of MAU (based on public stats). mesibo assigned much higher rate limit than that so you should encounter rate limit only in rare circumstances.

Q: Does limit applies to Voice and Video calls?

Typically 5 to 8 messages are exchanged to setup or re-connect a voice or video call. In addition to that, minimal messages are exchanged from each end every few seconds to keep call alive, exchange quality and control information etc. All these messages are subject to total messages limit and rate limits.

Q: Does Voice and Video calls quality differs in FREE and PAYG Plan?

Absolutely not - quality remains the same whether you are in free or a premium plan.

However, you can add your own TURN servers in PAYG plans. TURN servers adds reliability to calls by assisting some users that are behind badly behaving or symmetric firewalls (roughly 5% of users).

Q: Are there any features difference between the PAYG and FREE plan?

No, all the features are available in all the plans. Only difference is the capacity.

Q: What happens if my apps exceed the limits of FREE plan or credits in PAYG plan?

We usually do not throttle your app immediately, unless in extreme situations. We will send you an email and also inform your backend using webhook when your app usage exceeds 50% and 75% of the free limits in the free plan OR 50% and 75% of available credits in PAYG plan. We will throttle or temporarily disable your app only if you do not take any action after these notifications.

Q: How do I know how much I am spending?

mesibo console is the best way to keep a tab on your usage and charges. mesibo console is updated every hour with the usage and corresponding charges.