Mesibo On-Premise

Download & Run the entire Mesibo platform in your own premise OR private cloud. All the messages and calls go through your own data center and stay in your own database.
You can even program your own features like chatbot, filters, translate, etc.!

Why Mesibo On-Premise Platform?

Mesibo On-Premise has to be your ONLY CHOICE, if you are CONCERNED about your business or user Data. and if you need assurance with stringent data compliance and privacy requirements. Cambridge Analytica, other recent data breaches make the ownership and control of user data a MUST for most businesses

Complete Control Over Your Data

All the messages and calls route through your own servers and saved in your own database. So unlike other services, Mesibo On-Premise gives you ultimate control and conformance to stringent data compliance and privacy requirements (GDPR, HIPAA, etc.).

Quick to Deploy - No API changes

You can deploy the entire mesibo platform on your own premises or private cloud in less than 60 minutes. There are no changes in APIs and all your existing users will be automatically redirected to your On-Premise server with just the click of a button.

Host it Anywhere

Host it anywhere - in your private data cneter, Amazon aws, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba cloud, etc. You can even run it alongside your webserver. Mesibo On-Premise platform is distributed as a docker image so that you can run it on almost all the hosting providers.

At No Additional Cost

All of these at no additional cost - you only pay for the number of active users per month, that's it! No monthly commitment, no bandwidth charges, no storage charges, or any other hidden charges. This makes On-Premise even more economical than our cloud offering.

High Availability Cluster

Run multiple instances to eliminate single points of failure. mesibo on-premise offers the M+N redundancy mode to safeguard your services and users against any kind of outage and make your system available all the time, even in situations like catastrophic events and natural disasters.

Auto Fallback to Cloud

If required, you can configure Mesibo cloud as a fallback option in case your data-center has issues. You always have the option of falling back to Mesibo Cloud Services, with just the click of a button.


Expand On-Premise Platform

Not just messaging and calls, you can add your own features and functionalities to Mesibo - powerful chatbots, filters, integrate with Machine learning and Scientific computing backend such as Tensorflow, Dialogflow, Matlab, etc. and much more.

Get Started with loadable modules using our ready-to-use open source modules!


Build powerful Chatbots and conversational interfaces by analyzing messages using various AI and machine learning tools like Tensorflow, Dialogflow, etc. and responding in real-time


Monitor and moderate all the messages between your users (for example, to drop messages containing profanity)


Translate each message before sending it to destination using online services like Google Translate, IBM Watson, etc.


Perform custom scripting in your backend with Javascript, Shell, etc.

Open Source

Entire source code of all the sample modules are available on GitHub to quickly get you started.

On-Premise Documentation & Source Code

Mesibo on-premise documentation is a great place to go to dive into Mesibo On-Premise Platform

Installing & Running

Install and run mesibo on-premise platform on your own premises or private cloud like Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba cloud, etc..

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Loadable Modules

Documentation and tutorial on how to add your features and functionalities to Mesibo.

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High Availability

Configure multiple instances of mesibo on-premise to eliminate single points of failure and to ensure continuous operations of your services.

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