What is Mesibo?

Mesibo offers everything to make your app real-time and scalable for your first billion users and the next. It's modular, lightweight and easy to integrate.

Messaging, Calls & Conferencing

In just a few lines of code, your app will have real-time messaging, voice and video calls.

Mesibo uses best in class message switching technology and codecs to ensure low latency delivery and best available call quality.

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On-Premise Deployment

Use our cloud services OR download and deploy entire platform on your own premise or private cloud at no added cost.

This makes Mesibo the most powerful and developer-friendly platform. All messages and calls route through your own datacenter.

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Chatbots & Scripting

Powerful message processing framework to create interesting chatbots, apply moderation, translate, and much more!

All from the comfort and ease of Javascript!

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Everything you need to Build Real-time Apps

Over 79% of all modern apps need some form of communication - whether you are building a messaging app like WhatsApp, a dating app like Tinder, a ride sharing app like Uber or a customer support chatbot. Mesibo makes it easy to add reliable real-time communication in your apps.

In-app Messaging and Chat API

Adding in-app messaging in your apps using Mesibo's API is as simple as selecting the destination and sending the message. You also get the status of each sent message in real-time; e.g., Sent, Delivered, Read, etc.

Group Messaging API

Group messaging has changed the way we communicate and keep in touch with family and like-minded people. Mesibo group messaging APIs allows you to add group messaging in your apps.

Video and Voice Calls API

Mesibo makes it easy to add high-quality, low latency video and voice calls in your apps. Download SDK, add a few lines of code and your apps will be able to send and receive calls.

Send Arbitrary Binary/Signaling Data

Send any arbitrary binary/raw data in real-time. e.g., an Uber rider sending a cab request or WebRTC endpoints sending SDPs are examples of what all you can do with Mesibo.

On-Premise Deployment

Download entire Mesibo platform and run it from your own data-center or private cloud for ultimate control over your user data & privacy. All messages and calls route through your own data-center.

Security and Encryption

Mesibo messages and calls are end-to-end encrypted. You can even add your own encryption and key exchange mechanism, e.g., Double Ratchet Algorithm.

Ready to use UI Modules

Mesibo not only provides APIs but also offers ready-to-use UI modules for Messaging, chatbots, voice and video calls which you can customize to your needs.

AI chatbots & Machine Learning interface

Mesibo provides real-time Messaging interface to Machine Learning tools like TensorFlow, Matlab, Octave, NumPy, DialogFlow to create powerful AI chatbots.


Supported Platforms & Languages

Mesibo supports almost all popular platforms and languages for you to build your applications quickly. Whether you are developing mobile apps (Android, iOS, Java, Objective-C, C++), web apps (Javascript), integrating with backend (Linux, macOS, Windows, Python, C++) or creating cool devices using Raspberry PI, mesibo has chat APIs for you.

Raspberry Pi

Machine Learning / AI Interface

Mesibo's high-performance C++ and Python libraries enable you to interface your chat clients with various scientific computing and machine learning systems on your backend like TensorFlow, Matlab, Octave, NumPy etc to create powerful chat experience. So, whether you are deploying machine learning or Natural Language Processing (NLP) backend for your apps, a Data Scientist crunching big numbers or a geeky professor publishing lab results on your custom app - we've got you covered.

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A Demo is Worth a Thousand Words

Mesibo open-source apps demonstrate how to use Mesibo APIs and modules to develop powerful apps in no-time.

iphone messaging app iphone messaging app

You can either try demo apps from Google Play Store or Apple appstore, OR download the entire source code from the GitHub and build yourself!

One-on-one messaging and Group chat

Rich messaging (text, picture, video, audio, other files), Location sharing and many more.

Video and Voice Calls

High Quality Video and Voice calls.

Presence, Message Status and Typing Indicators

Real-time presence update (For example, online status), message status (sent, delivered, read), typing etc

Push Notifications

Google and Apple push notification to enable receiving messages and calls even when app is in suspended state.

Open Source

The entire source code is available on GitHub for you to create your own branded solution.

Documentation & Source Code

Mesibo documentation is a great place to go to dive into the details of Mesibo Platform, API, tutorials and more.

Get Started Guides

Start with Mesibo concepts - how it works, various features and key elements of mesibo. This is the first place to get started with Mesibo.

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Mesibo hands-on tutorials including one on the design and implementation of a commercially deployable WhatsApp like app having real-time messaging, voice and video communication.

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Source Code

The entire source code of Mesibo Android and iOS Apps is on GitHub. You can download entire source code, and customize it to suit your needs.

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Trusted By Fortune 500 And Startups

Mesibo is equally trusted by Fortune 500 companies and innovative startups - over 2000 apps and backend solutions are using Mesibo to power their real-time communication needs.