Chatbots & Scripting

mesibo chatbots & scripting framework opens up unlimited creative possibilities. You can process each message to and from your users to create interesting chatbots, apply moderation, translate, and much more, all from the comfort and ease of Javascript!

Why Mesibo For Chatbots

A few reasons why mesibo chatbot framework is superior and why you should consider it over all other solutions!

Ease of Javascript

You don't need to learn new technology. Use the same Javascript, which you are already familiar with, to make powerful chatbots. Javascript gives you the ability to express your logic clearly!

Chatbot - in just a few lines of code

We don't claim chatbot without code (do you believe them?), but our sample chatbot shows you that you can undoubtedly build a commercially deployable chatbot in just a few lines of code.

Built-in NLP, AI and other Classes

A rich set of built-in classes make it easy for you to develop chatbots and other features in no time - classes for NLP and AI (Google DialogFlow, Amazon Lex, Microsoft LUIS), Sentiment and Threat Analysis, HTTPS and Socket (WebSocket and raw), to name a few!

No Additional Cost

NO per conversation OR per bot charges like many other platforms. The chatbot and scripting come at NO additional cost along with mesibo on-premise!

Cloud or On-Premise - Run it Anywhere

Run it from our cloud or download the entire platform and run it on your own-premise - gives you ultimate control and conformance to stringent data compliance and privacy requirements (GDPR, HIPAA, etc.)!

Super fast, Multi-Threaded Implementation

Unlike browser-based Javascript, which is single-threaded, mesibo javascript implementation is multi-threaded and asynchronous for blazingly fast and parallel message processing for the best user experience.


How It Works

Just upload your custom Javascript, and mesibo will run it for each message to and from your users. Your script can analyze messages and decide on the action to perform, for example, respond, moderate, translate, modify, drop, or pass as it is. With ease of Javascript & built-in classes like Https, Sockets, DialogFlow, Lex, Luis, Profanity, Sentiments Analysis, etc., you can create anything that you can imagine.

Just to illustrate a few examples:

Chatbots & Virtual Assistants

Connect your script to NLP and AI engines to analyze and respond to user queries in real-time. With built-in classes for various AI and machine language tools like Google DialogFlow, Amazon Lex, Microsoft LUIS, mesibo makes it super easy to create powerful chatbots in no-time!

Moderation & Filters

Create a script to monitor and moderate messages as desired by your app logic, e.g., drop or alter messages containing profanity. You can even use built-in NLP and AI classes for intelligent text classification rather than plain word-based filtering.


Enable your users who speak different languages to communicate, e.g., enable a Chinese speaking user to chat flawlessly with a German-speaking user. Mesibo offers built-in classes for real-time translation using services like Google Translate, IBM Watson, etc. or you can build your own.

...and many more possibilities

the possibilties are endless - only limited by your imagination!



Try a Chatbot Demo on our open-source messaging apps

To see a demo chatbot in action, download our open-source messenger app from Google Play Store or Apple Appstore and send a `Hi` to +1-888-555-1001 from the app!

iphone messaging app iphone messaging app


Documentation & Samples

We have great easy to follow documentation for you to get started with your first chatbot or other scripts!

Getting Started

Learn how to create your first chatbot and setup to use with mesibo cloud or on-premise platform

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Javascript Reference

Javascript reference documentation for various Mesibo specific classes which will help you write fabulous chatbots and apps in minutes

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Sample Source Code

The entire source code of sample chatbots and other scripts is on GitHub. You can download entire source code, and customize it to suit your needs.

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