Together we can do so much!

Earn revenue from mesibo partnertship program - and you don't have to share it with us!

Build Solutions for Mesibo Customers

We are getting a huge number of customer queries for custom solutions everyday. We are opening these opportunities to our development partners to help build these custom solutions.

As a partner, you will have a constant flow of qualified leads in the form of customer queries for your developer services.

Showcase your Products and Services

We will list and promote the products and services built on the mesibo platform by our partners to other enterprise customers.

This listing will enable you to get exposure to a bigger audience, and our customers will be able to reach you directly.



Find the partner program that's right for you

Is technology your forte or you love selling? - Mesibo has the right partner program for you!

Development Partners

If you are in the business of developing mobile apps, web apps and chatbots, become our Development partner.

You can use your skills on our platform to build custom solutions for our customers

Sales Partners

If you are a highly driven sales professional or an organisation, you can sell Mesibo platform to enterprises and developers.

Mesibo has a well structured partner support program and incentive structure for Sales Partners.

Technology Consultants

As Technology Consultants, you can help our enterprise customers to integrate Mesibo platform into their solutions.

You can also propose innovative solutions and provide tech support to large enterprise customers using mesibo.

Hosting Services Provider

If you are a Cloud and Hosting Provider, you can bundle mesibo on-premise as a part of your cloud offering.

We can list you on our website for our customers looking for a suitable host for our on-premise offerings.