Powerful Real-Time Messaging

mesibo uses best in class message switching technology to deliver your messages in real-time with minimal latency and high reliability. Using mesibo's real-time messaging features, you can quickly build apps for enterprise and team communication, social media and dating , telemedicine, food delivery, ride sharing, IoT and Machine Learning, and more..

One-to-One Chat and Group Chat

Send and receive messages for one-to-one or multiple users in a group. You can create groups of any size with unlimited members.

Secure Encrypted Messaging

Various Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption algorithms like Curve25519, AES-256 or custom end-to-end encryption ensure that no one can read any message content

Message Status & Read receipts

Track status of every message in real-time, when it was sent, when it was delivered and when it was read (read receipt). Send read receipts automatically when you read messages from the database.


Share real-time presence information like online status, typing indicator, joined or left the chat or any custom activity.

Push Notification and Webhooks

Easily configure Push Notification so that your devices can receive messages and calls even in background.


Chat Features

mesibo's Real-Time Chat SDK provides you with everything you need to create powerful chat experiences!

Chat Retention

Store messages on local database for faster access and also on the server so that it can be retrieved if requires. There is no restrictions on the rentention time.

Forward, Schedule, and Delete

Forward and schedule messages and media to a single user, multiple users at once or to a group. You can delete local and remote messages with custom delete policy.

Expiry and Retention per message

Set the expiry to specify the time within which a message has to be delivered. Specify retention to specify the time until message is stored on the user's device. This creates interesting possibilities like disapperaring messages.

Privacy and Safety

Set up profanity filters, block users or members in a group, ensure ultimate privacy with custom encryption and set permissions for each user to send or receive messages.

Multi-Device Synchronization

Synchronize contacts, profiles, messages across multiple devices! This way you can restore chat history or any user related information even when your users move to a new device.


Group Messaging

You can create groups of any size with unlimited members and configure different types of groups with different member and group level controls.

Create Group on the Fly

Build online communities, char rooms, anonymous rooms, etc in no time. Manage it with moderation and privacy controls with group level permissions.

Dynamically Add and Remove Members

You can dynamically add and remove memebers to a group. There is no limit on number of members in the group.

Member level Permissions

Get ultimate control over who can send messages to the group, who can receive messages, who can block other members, etc with member level permissions


Set up profanity filters, Block users/members, set community roles, user privelages, etc


Rich Messaging

Send anything in real-time - text messages, images, video, audio, location, binary data, SDP, signalling messages or just about any content you can imagine.

Multi Language Support

Send and receive messages in any language or script


mesibo supports all text formats including unicode. So, you can send messgaes with emojis, icons, etc.

Media & Files

Securely share media and files of any and all formats. Example .jpeg, .png, .doc, .txt, .mkv, .mp4, etc.

File Storage

You get complete control over where and how you store files - either on your own file server or mesibo media servers, fully compliant with GDPR, HIPAA, etc.

Location & Geotagging

Share real-time location co-ordinates. For example, can be used in ride sharing, tracking and tracing, food delivery, etc. Geo tag messages and media.



Share real-time presence information like online status, typing indicator, activity, etc. instantly with zero delay, joined or left chat, Online Status

Typing Indicator

Notify when users start or stop typing.

Online Status

Be notified about the users availabality- online, offline, away, etc.

Join or Leave Chat

Notify when a user joins a one-to-one or group chat, exits the chat, etc.

Custom Activity

Send any kind of custom activity that your app needs. For example, change in device orientation, shooting in a game, tapping on mobile screen, drag and drop, etc.


Open Source UI Modules

Cut your mobile app development time to hours, using mesibo's ready-to-use and open-source UI Modules!

Chat UI features

In addition to best in class messaging features, you also get UI Modules to fast track your development
  • Contacts List
  • Forward List
  • One-to-One and Group Chat View
  • Group Members list
  • Media Picker & Cropper
  • Login UI
  • and more...

Fully Customizable

The entire source code for all the UI components is avaiable as UI Modules for Android and iOS which you can modify and use as per your needs.