You can check a user’s current online status easily through server side API or the Console. You can also configure webhook to inform you in real-time about user coming online and going offline.

In console, under the Apps->Users tab, each user has an indicator displaying whether they are currently online and IP address.

mesibo Client SDK detects network condition and automatically reconnects to mesibo servers unless you call stop() explicitly. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about network condition and reconnection. mesibo Client SDK also informs your app (mesibo_onConnectionStatus) about the network status which you can use it to take further app specific actions.

However, once you call stop(), mesibo will not reconnect unless you call start() again.

mesibo allows you to upload all the files to your private servers or any of your other cloud servers (say, Google , Amazon EC2, Akamai etc), Hence There is no limit on the maximum file size.

Before sending any message or immediately after receiving a message, mesibo calls a message filter set by your app (mesibo_onMessageFilter). You can filter any words in the message or simply discard the message.

Server side message filtering is not at all recommended - although provided by some other API vendors. It completely defeats the privacy as server needs to look into your messages and it simply won’t work with end to end encryption. mesibo approach provided much more flexibility and works with end-to-end encryption.

You can, if you use a single mesibo application for all of those apps. In other words, you would have to have one application in your mesibo Console, with its application ID shared among multiple apps.