Most of the apps today require some form of real-time communication; say, if you are developing a dating app and you want your matches to communicate, OR creating a ridesharing app and you want your passengers to send cab request to a group of drivers in real-time, or a chat bot for flight booking or a messaging app like Whatsapp, whatever you do, real-time communication is pervading every part of our daily life and enabling new business models and revenue streams for the apps.

Mesibo is a high performance, high-availability, asynchronous real-time messaging platform that allows your users (endpoints) to communicate with each other in real-time. With mesibo, you can quickly add real-time messaging, voice and video calling (like whatsapp) in your own app in no time.

Building your own real-time messaging or chat not only requires expertise, but it's resourceful and expensive task, both from development and testing perspective. It becomes more complex, especially when it involves connecting millions of users in real-time.

mesibo underpins the entire complexities of messaging not only by providing client side API & UI, but a solid, scalable platform which is tested and adaptive to your needs. You can stay focused on your core app and leave the messaging complexities on mesibo to handle.

mesibo API is available for Android, iOS (both Objective-C and Swift) and also for Web (Javascript). We tried to keep all the mesibo API functions and data structures name same across the platforms. You may also use mesibo API within hybrid development platforms like Phonegap, Unity etc.

We also provide C/C++ API for enterprise customers to integrate mesibo with enterprise softwares and also web-servers.

It’s very simple, just sign up with your email and password, and you are ready to use mesibo in your own app!

Not at all, you can create multiple applications with a single mesibo account. We like to keep things as simple as possible.

Great question! Indeed we have. In fact, we have a fully functional WhatsApp like messaging app built using mesibo on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store for you to evaluate what mesibo can do for you. What more, we even released source code for both the apps on GitHub.

Absolutely, that’s the idea! We have published entire source code of our sample apps so that you can reuse and quickly roll-out your own mesibo based applications.

That’s right, you not only get API but all the necessary UI modules to create messaging UI, login screens, welcome screens, media pickers and more.

You can selectively integrate only those modules that you need.

Yes, in that case you only use mesibo core API to send and receive messages with your own UI.

Absolutely, you can exchange WebRTC SDP using mesibo messages to set up WebRTC sessions.

Yes, mesibo supports live voice and video calls. The voice and video APIs are currently in private beta and will be made public shortly. Please contact us at to join our private beta program.

Yes, mesibo is based on Unicode and hence supports every language, fonts and emojis.

Yes, mesibo SDKs are IPv6 compatible. It also meets the Apple iOS app IPv6 requirements.

Yes, mesibo is HIPAA compliant.

Yes, mesibo does. On request, mesibo can restrict all your data to be stored and pass through EU based servers only.