1-on-1 Messaging is the ability to exchange Text, Picture, Video, location messages between two users in real-time.

To send a message, just create an instance of MessageParams, populate with id and message and use sendMessage function to send it to a user or a group.

That’s it. mesibo takes care of everything including connection handling, retries, error handling, flow control etc. mesibo delivers messages instantly if the destination user is online. If not, messages will be delivered as soon as destination user comes online. This is automatic and transparent to applications, so applications sending messages need not to worry if the receiving applications are up and running. Conversely, receiving applications need not to worry about the status of sending application.

Refer Basic concepts and client side API reference section in documentation for details.

mesibo informs you in real-time about status of every messages in mesibo_onMessageStatus callback. Refer client side API reference for details.

Not only typing indications, mesibo allows you to create, send and receive unlimited number of activities in 1:1 and group messaging, for example, typing, online, left, joined, etc or any custom activities specific to your app, like shooting, tapping in a game etc. Refer client side API reference for details.