Get Started: UI Modules

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

In this part, we will cover how to use mesibo in your UI apps and mesibo UI modules.


Ready to use UI Modules

Mesibo provides a variety of pre-built UI components that allow you to quickly add messaging, voice & video call graphical user interface in your app. Mesibo UI modules are completely customizable. You can not only customize colors, icons, etc but also customize how each message is rendered. This enables you to create powerful chatbots in no-time.

Mesibo UI modules are available as:

  • Fragment (Android)
  • ViewController (iOS)
  • Individual Views (android and ios)

One of the key advantages of Mesibo UI modules is that they are well tested and you only need to write minimal code to create fully-functional UIs. Any future enhancements are also automatically available to you.

To use mesibo UI modules, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Add UI modules in your project
  2. Initialize mesibo API with access token as described in the Android, or iOS section
  3. Launch mesibo UI modules, for example,
     MesiboUI.launch(context, 0, false, true);

That’s it.

Launching Calls UI in Android

  1. Install Mesibo UI Modules by following Instructions for Android

  2. In Andoid, Mesibo Call UI modules are available as fragments. Import the fragments for audio call and video call.
    import com.mesibo.calls.MesiboAudioCallFragment;
    import com.mesibo.calls.MesiboCall;
    import com.mesibo.calls.MesiboVideoCallFragment
  3. Refer to Using Mesibo UI Modules for Android - Voice and Video Calls to learn about launching custom audio call & video call UI.

Launching Calls UI in iOS

  1. Install Mesibo UI Modules by following Instructions for iOS

  2. Import the modules for audio call and video call.
    In Objective-C,
    #import "MesiboCall/MesiboCall.h"

    In Swift,

    import MesiboCall
  3. Refer to the source code for UI Modules in iOS, which is self-explanatory to learn about launching custom audio and video call UI.
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