Mesibo Real-Time Push Notifications and Webhooks

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Your app can use push notifications to alert a user about important events. For example, when the user is offline, and there is a new message, you can display a push notification so that the user can click on it and view the message. To send push notifications, you can use FCM( Firebase Cloud Messaging) or APN(Apple Push Notification). You can send all types of push notifications — background push notifications(silent notifications) and alerts through Mesibo. All you need to do is configure your FCM/APN push credentials in the console. Then, mesibo will automatically send push notifications to your users on behalf of you.

Refer to documentation for Push Notification here

A WebHook is an HTTP(S) URL which will be invoked with POST data in real-time by Mesibo when something happens; for example, an offline message, a user coming online or going offline etc. To learn about using webhooks on mesibo, refer to the documentation for Webhooks here

In the next section, we will learn about using the mesibo Call API.

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