Get Started: Conferencing

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In this part, we will learn how to use Mesibo’s Group Calling features for conferencing and streaming


Group Calling

mesibo group calling simply extends the existing features of group messaging with additional permissions and control, for example, room resolution, talk detection, who can publish and who can video, voice+video or voice only, etc. Your existing groups will now have additional conferencing settings.

To add Mesibo Group Calling to your app, here is an overview of steps to follow:

  1. Have a group of members with required permissions
  2. Initialize the group call with initGroupCall()
  3. To publish your own stream to the group, get a call object using getLocalParticipant and make a call()
  4. To subscribe to other users’ streams, get their call object in Mesibo_OnParticipants and make a call()
  5. Attach the stream to a DOM element to display it.

For detailed documentation and examples for conferencing refer to Mesibo Conferencing Docs

Example source code for conferencing is available on Github

Also try the demo of a Zoom like conferencing app, Mesibo Live build using mesibo conferencing and streaming API. The source code of the app is available on Github. You can download it, modify or rebrand it, and integrate it into your app or website.

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