Chat / Messaging SDK for Python

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Mesibo Python API is an entirely open-source real-time library which can be built and installed from source. The entire source code and installation details can be found at our GitHub repo Mesibo Python API

Platforms Supported

Currently the Mesibo Real-Time Python library is under-development and supports Linux,Mac and Raspberry Pi.


Building Mesibo Python Module requires the following software installed:

1. Python 3 (3.4.x or newer preferred) / Python 2 (2.7.x or newer preferred)

Install the development packages for Python : python and python-dev

Make sure that the Python package setuptools is installed before continuing. For example, in Debian GNU/Linux, installing python-dev also installs distutils.


sudo apt-get install libffi-dev python python-dev


sudo yum install libffi-devel python python-devel 

2. Compiler

Mesibo Python Library uses Mesibo C/C++ SDK. Hence, it has to compiled before installing the package. GCC-C++ 4.x (and later)are recommended.

Installing Mesibo Python Library

Download the Mesibo Python library source code from the Mesibo Python repo on GitHub.

git clone

You will find the following directory structure:

|-- include
|-- mesibo
|-- src

To build and install the Mesibo Python Package from source

sudo python install

The entire module is built and installed automatically by copying files from the generated build folder into the lib directory path of your Python installation.

If you prefer not to install it automatically, you can perform an in-place build from the source directory:

python build_ext --inplace

Once you have installed Mesibo Python Library sucessfully, you should be able to import Mesibo module in Python as follows:

from mesibo import Mesibo
from mesibo import MesiboNotify

Next Steps

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