Messaging and Real-time Communication SDK for Python

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mesibo Python API is an open-source real-time communication library. The entire source code for the python package can be found at our GitHub repo mesibo Python API

Supported Platforms

  • CentOS / RedHat 7.x or above
  • Debian / Ubuntu
  • Mac OS - both X86_64 and Arm64 (M1) versions
  • Raspberry Pi 3 and 4


The only prerequisite for installing mesibo is Python. You can then use pip to install mesibo or you can download source code and build it.

mesibo supports both Python3 and Python2. Note that, Python2 is deprecated and hence you should use Python3 mesibo APIs.

  • Python 3.x (3.4.x or newer preferred)
  • or Python >= 2.7 (deprecated)

Installing mesibo Python package using pip

To install the mesibo python library use pip or pip3

$ sudo python -m pip3 install mesibo


$ sudo python -m pip install mesibo

To upgrade,

$ sudo python -m pip3 install mesibo -U

Installing mesibo Python package from source

Alternatively, you can build and install the package by downloading the source code from the GitHub repo.

Download the source files from mesibo Python repo on GitHub

git clone

You will find the following directory structure:

|-- examples 
|-- src

To build the mesibo Python package from source

sudo python build 

To build and install the mesibo Python package from source

sudo python install

Importing Mesibo

Once you have installed mesibo Python package sucessfully, you should be able to use mesibo in Python as follows:

from mesibo import Mesibo

Next Steps

Checkout the tutorial Write your First mesibo Enabled Application - Python

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