Mesibo Javascript SDK for Chat, Video and Voice Calls, and Conferencing

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Install Mesibo Javascript SDK

The easiest way to install Mesibo Javascript SDK is to include following in <HEAD> section of your HTML file:

<script src=""></script>

You can also use async and defer attributes inside script tag if requires.

Alternatively, you may also use DOM method to load the mesibo JS on demand when it is not possible to use the script tag.

const script = document.createElement("script");
script.src = "";

Do not use a local copy of mesibo.js. Server expects one of the recent versions and login may fail if your JS file version is old.

You MUST use a secure website (https) to use mesibo javascript. It may NOT work from http:// or file:// sites due to browser security restrictions.

Notes when using it for Calls and Conferencing

Due to the browser security model, camera and microphone access require the following:

  • You MUST use a secure URL (https://). The http:// or file:// URLs will NOT work.

  • You MUST also use a valid certificate with recognized authority, the self-signed certificate will NOT work.

The browser will not grant the camera and microphone permissions unless your app meets the above requirements. If permissions are not granted, calls and conferencing will not work.

These restrictions are by the browsers and NOT by the mesibo. Refer Security section in the Mozilla documentation for more information.

Sample code

You can download sample code for Messaging, Voice and Video Call using mesibo Javascript SDK from our GitHub Repository

That’s All!

You can now begin developing features with mesibo.

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