Mesibo Android SDK for Chat, Video and Voice Calls, and Conferencing

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You can install the latest version of mesibo SDKs into your Android Studio project by adding Gradle dependency and performing Gradle sync (no manual download requires).

Install Mesibo Core SDK

Mesibo Core SDK provides messaging and group messaging functionalities.

Ensure that mavenCentral() is configured in your top-level build.gradle, for example,

allprojects {
    repositories {

Include following into dependencies section of your app build.Gradle file, for example:

dependencies {
    implementation 'com.mesibo.api:mesibo:version_api'

You can then import mesibo in your project by

import com.mesibo.api.Mesibo;

Install Voice/Video Calls and Conferencing Framework

You can install mesibo calls and conferencing SDK as following:

dependencies {
    implementation 'com.mesibo.api:calls:version_calls'

Install Mesibo Messaging UI Framework

You can install mesibo messaging user interface SDK as following:

dependencies {
    implementation 'com.mesibo.api:ui:version_ui'

Mesibo UI SDK for Android uses google Maps to send location, and hence in order to use that feature, you must be having your Google API key in the AndroidMenifest.xml - refer how to get your google map api key and install it. If requires, you can remove Google Map by downloading the source code.

Automatically install the latest SDKs

It is also possible to install the latest mesibo SDKs every time you build a new version of your app.

Instead of specifying any version number, add following line on the top of your apps build.Gradle

apply from: ""

and then add all or required dependencies as

dependencies {
    implementation "com.mesibo.api:mesibo:${project.MesiboVersion_Api}"
    implementation "com.mesibo.api:ui:${project.MesiboVersion_Ui}"
    implementation "com.mesibo.api:calls:${project.MesiboVersion_Calls}"

Click on Sync Project with Gradle Files in the Android Studio file menu and all the latest SDKs will be automatically synced by the Android Studio. A working example here

That’s All!

You can now begin developing features with mesibo. Be sure you update these frameworks each time mesibo is updated.

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