Download and Install Mesibo

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Mesibo supports almost all popular platforms and languages for you to quickly build your applications. Whether you are developing mobile apps (Android, iOS, Java, Objective-C, C++), web apps (Javascript), integrating with backend (Linux, MacOS, Windows, Python, C++) or creating cool devices using Raspberry PI, mesibo has APIs for you.

Below is links to installation instructions for each platforms:

Mobile Platforms

Mesibo for Android
Mesibo for iOS


Mesibo for Javascript


Mesibo for Raspberry Pi

Servers / Backend /Desktop

Mesibo for Linux - CentOS/RedHat/Ubuntu
Mesibo for Mac
Mesibo for Windows


Mesibo follows Semantic Versioning.

Each mesibo module has a version number defined as MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH, for example 1.2.21, in which the major version is 1, minor version is 2 and the patch version 21.

  • MAJOR version is incremented when we can make incompatible API changes.
  • MINOR version is incremented when features/functionality is added in a backwards-compatible manner, and
  • PATCH version is incremented for all backwards-compatible bug fixes.

Get started

After downloading Mesibo SDK for your platform, you can learn the basics with Getting started with Mesibo.

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