Frequently Asked Questions - Secury, Privacy, GDPR, HIPAA and more

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How secure is mesibo?

Mesibo messages and calls are end-to-end encrypted. mesibo offers the world’s most powerful end-to-end encryption algorithm. You can read more about it here and an article here.

In addition, mesibo uses the latest Transport Layer Security (TLS) to secure the communication. mesibo also provides an API for additional custom end-to-end encryption and key exchange on top of the default encryption which allows changing the encryption key for every message exchange and even mesibo servers cannot read those communications.

What if I do not want my user data to go through your cloud servers?

Mesibo offers On-Premise solution which you can download and run in your own datacenter.

I am using my own encryption. Can I disable default security?

There is no need to use your own encryption. mesibo encryption is the strongest in the industry. We earlier provided an API setSecureConnection to enable or disable the encryption. However, we no longer support that API. All communication is now encrypted and secure by default.

Due to GDPR, can you guarantee that the location of the server is in the EU?

Yes, we can offer you servers located in Germany.

Is mesibo HIPAA compliant?

Yes, mesibo is HIPAA compliant. You can download the entire mesibo platform on your own data center or private cloud so that you control and manage all your data. This made mesibo the preferred choice for financial institutes, telemedicine, and all other apps that care for their sensitive business and user data and their privacy.

Does mesibo meet EU GDPR requirements?

Yes, mesibo is compliant with EU GDPR. On request, mesibo can restrict all your data to be stored and pass through EU based servers only. You can also download the entire mesibo platform and host it in your own data center or private cloud.

Can I host mesibo on my own servers?

Absolutely, it’s part of our in-premises offerings. Visit On-Premise Installation for more details.

I think I found a privacy/security issue in the mesibo APIs, what should I do?

mesibo takes data privacy/security very seriously. The mesibo platform is thoroughly tested using hundreds of test cases related to privacy and security which makes mesibo the most secure platform available today.

However, if you still think that you have found a privacy/security issue, join our Bug Bounty Program where we offer a handsome monetary reward if your issue qualifies.

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