Frequently Asked Questions - Pricing, customization and terms

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Do I have to pay for it?

Mesibo is free to start. Beyond free usage, Mesibo offers you Pay as you go pricing for both its On-Premise and Cloud offerings. That means you only pay for the services you consume, and once you stop using them, there are no charges or termination fees. Refer to the Mesibo pricing page to know more about free usage and charges beyond free usage.

I'm developing my app and will eventually need to upgrade. Can I do this when I launch and expand?

Yes, of course. The free tier is the ideal testing ground when you are developing your app. As long as your requests do not exceed the limitations and you’re free to just use it.

Is there any limitation on the number of applications, users, or groups? What happens if I exceed the limitations?

There are no limitations. However, mesibo has intelligent algorithms to detect unfair usage and abuse patterns and in such conditions, requests from your users may be throttled.

What is 'Monthly Active Users'?

Monthly Active Users (MAU) is a key performance indicator (KPI) often used by mobile apps, online games and social networking sites. MAU represents the unique monthly active users for a monthly billing period. MAU is counted when a user connects to mesibo server within a monthly billing period. To further clarify, it will only be counted as one when a unique user connects to mesibo server multiple times during the monthly billing period. A connection is required to perform any type of communication (sending and receiving messages, calls etc) between users and servers.

What is Concurrent Users (peak connections/simultaneous connection)?

Concurrent Users is a metric of the maximum users connected to mesibo server at the same time at any given moment. This number does not quantify unique users at all and is a raw count of connections. Typically, CCU is 10% of daily active users (DAU) which is typically 50% of MAU. However, these metrics vary from an app to app and also depending on the nature of the app. Calculating and watching CCU will help you determine the right mesibo plan for your app today and in the future.

Concurrent users are also referred to as peak or simultaneous connections.

What is Message Rate Limit?

Message rate limit (throttling) is referred to as a total number of messages that can be sent by all your users in any given second. Typically, a message rate/second for an application like WhatsApp is 0.05% of MAU (based on public stats). mesibo assigned much higher rate limit than that so you should encounter rate limit only in rare circumstances.

Does the limit apply to Voice and Video calls?

Typically, 5 to 8 messages are exchanged to setup or re-connect a voice or a video call. In addition to that, minimal messages are exchanged from each end every few seconds to keep call alive, exchange quality and control information etc. The bandwidth consumed by those messages will be counted in your billing (approx ~50 Kbytes).

Do Voice and Video call quality differ in FREE and PAYG Plan?

Absolutely not - quality remains the same whether you are in free or a premium plan.

However, you can add your own TURN servers in PAYG plans. TURN servers add reliability to calls by assisting some users that are behind badly behaving or symmetric firewalls (roughly 5% of users).

Are there any feature differences between the PAYG and FREE plan?

No, all the features are available in all the plans.

What happens if my apps exceed the limits of FREE plan or credits in PAYG plan?

We usually do not throttle your app immediately, unless in extreme situations. We will send you an email and also inform your backend using the webhook when your app usage exceeds free limits in the free plan OR the available credits in the PAYG plan. We will throttle or temporarily disable your app only if you do not take any action in 24 hours even after these notifications.

How do I know how much I am spending?

The Mesibo console is the best way to keep a tab on your usage and charges. The Mesibo console is updated at regular intervals with the usage and corresponding charges.

Can I host mesibo on my own servers?

Absolutely, it’s part of our in-premises offerings. Visit On-Premise Installation for more details.

Is there any agreement that we have to sign to use Mesibo?

There is a Master Service Agreement / Terms available which is applicable to all the users. However, If your company is an enterprise-level customer, we do work with a customized agreement with custom SLAs. Please contact us at with your requirements.

How Monthly Active Users (MAU) calculated?

MAU is counted when a user connects to the mesibo server within a monthly billing period. To further clarify, it will only be counted as one when a unique user connects to the mesibo server multiple times during the monthly billing period. A connection is required to perform any type of communication (sending and receiving messages, calls, etc) between users and servers.

How Concurrent users (peak connections/simultaneous connection) is calculated?

Concurrent User is counted as the maximum number of simultaneous connections to Mesibo servers by your users. If a user connects to Mesibo from two devices (connections), this counts as 2 concurrent users.

How do I know which pricing plan is right for me?

You are free to use Mesibo APIs and Services, within free tier limits for testing and development. Our demo apps and source code is an ideal testing ground for you to evaluate what Mesibo can do for you and based on the needs of your application you can move to the PAYG plan.

Is there any limit on the number of "simultaneous database connection" ?

Refer section on MAU

Do I need to change my app if I move from free to PAYG plan?

Absolutely not! There are zero changes to the way you deploy your application or use our APIs irrespective of you are using our free or PAYG plan.

Can I downgrade or cancel from PAYG plan?

If you do not wish to be under PAYG plan, you can cancel at any time. Note that we do not refund for downgrades or cancellations.

What kind of support do you receive in PAYG vs Free plan?

We have 24-hour support and monitoring available from our Singapore and United States offices. For any queries, you can contact us via email at

Do you offer Educational discounts?

Yes, contact our support team and we will be happy to help you.

Can I use the source code in my own app?

Absolutely, that’s the idea! We have published our entire source code of our Android and iOS apps so that you can reuse and quickly roll-out your own mesibo based applications.

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