Frequently Asked Questions - Platform

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Where are your servers located?

Our servers are located in the EU, US, and Asia. Users will be automatically connected to the nearest location. However, if you require that your users connect through a certain region only, for example, EU, it can be set up.

Due to GDPR, can you guarantee that the location of the server is in the EU?

Yes, we can offer you servers located in Germany.

What kind of infrastructure do you have?

Mesibo is built on a highly resilient globally distributed platform spread across three core sites, Asia, Europe, and the United States. These core sites are supported by local relay agents. All the core sites run hot-swappable servers with enterprise-grade Linux on latest Intel Xeon processors, to perform a variety of tasks like message routing, call processing, relay agents.

What kind of reliability Mesibo Cloud Infrastructure offers?

Server failures are catastrophic to your business operations. Mesibo’s highly redundant design has all the servers in M+N redundancy and hot-swappable. This allows other servers to redistribute traffic if one or more server fails.

In the unlikely event of a failure at a core site, platform’s geographical redundancy design to route traffic through the other core ensuring reliable service to all our user.

The platform is highly secure and supports end-to-end encryption so that any data flowing through servers are only decryptable by parties it is intended for.

How scalable is Mesibo platform?

Mesibo platform is highly scalable and tested to handle millions of users from day one. The platform is expandable on a need basis to support even billions of subscribers.

What is the difference between "shared cloud" and "dedicated enterprise servers"?

When on the shared cloud, you share the Mesibo instance with other users - this is fine for most developers. When your traffic is high, you might find it more effective to host your mesibo services on dedicated instances. Dedicated instance means we deploy dedicated servers in our or your data center and it’s exclusively for your traffic without any interference from other users.

Can I request custom features not available in Mesibo?

Certainly, please contact us at with your feature requests.

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