Frequently Asked Questions - General

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What is mesibo?

mesibo is a high performance, high-availability, asynchronous real-time messaging platform that allows your users to communicate with each other in real-time. With Mesibo, you can quickly add real-time messaging, voice and video calling (like WhatsApp) in your apps in no time.

Why mesibo?

Building your own real-time messaging or chat feature requires expertise, resources, capital expenditure and time. It becomes even more challenging when it involves connecting millions of users in real-time.

mesibo simplifies the entire complexity of messaging by providing APIs & UI, and a solid scalable platform that is tested and adaptive to your needs. You can stay focused on your core app and let Mesibo handle the complexities of messaging, voice, and video calls.

What are the key features offered by the Mesibo?

Mesibo offers a complete package of APIs for real-time communication.

Real-time Messaging -Secure one-to-one messaging and group chats with rich media content, delivery status, read receipt, typing, online indicators, presence, offline messaging, and more for your apps and website.

Video and Voice Calls - Adding high-quality end-to-end encrypted video and voice calls, conferencing, and group call to your apps and website was never so easy. mesibo does not even charge for peer-to-peer calls.

Video and Voice Conferencing - Mesibo is the lightest, highly scalable, and most powerful conferencing platform to add secure group calling, live streaming, webinars, on-demand video to your apps in no time!

** Chatbots** - Powerful message processing framework to create interesting chatbots, apply moderation, translate, and much more!

Media and TURN servers - Mesibo also offers media and TURN servers to handle your media traffic.

What platforms does mesibo support?

Mesibo APIs are available for all popular platforms - Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Web (Javascript), Python, C++, and Raspberry Pi. Mesibo APIs are designed in such a way that all the mesibo API functions and data structures names remain the same across all platforms. You may use mesibo APIs within hybrid development platforms like PhoneGap, Unity, etc.

Mesibo also provides C/C++ API which allows you to integrate mesibo with virtually any kind of software, for example, web backends, machine learning platforms, Matlab, etc.

Does mesibo supports Cross-Platform Tools like Flutter, Xamarin, React-Native, Ionic, etc

mesibo fully supports Flutter and Xamarin. Refer to the Get Started Tutorial to learn how to use mesibo in your Flutter and Xamarin based apps.

In addition, you can use mesibo with other cross-platform tools like React-Native, Ionic, etc. mesibo APIs are provided as a Native SDK for Android, iOS, and Web. Since all the cross-platform tools offer a way to access native APIs, you can use mesibo from the platform of your choice. Refer to respective platform documentation to learn how to access native APIs.

We recommend that you download our first app sample code from our GitHub repository to quickly get started with Mesibo APIs and then move it to your cross-platform code. Note that, due to the larger number of cross-platform tools, it is not possible for us to provide technical support on how to use mesibo on a particular cross-platform tool. You will have to refer to your platform documentation to learn how to use native APIs.

I have multiple applications, do I need a separate mesibo account for each application?

Not at all, you can use your single mesibo account for multiple applications. We try to keep things as simple as possible.

Is it required to have an email address or a phone number to use mesibo?

Absolutely not. You can use any valid random string as the user-id. All you need to ensure that the user-id is unique across all your users. Refer to the mesibo backend API to learn how to create a user.

Do you have any sample/demo app that I can try out?

Yes, we have a fully functional WhatsApp like messaging app built using Mesibo on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. This helps you to evaluate what mesibo can do for you. Furthermore, we have even released the entire source code for both the apps on GitHub.

You can also check out sample apps for flutter, React-Native, JavaScript, etc.

Can I use the source code in my own app?

Absolutely, that’s the idea! We have released the entire source code of Mesibo Android, iOS, and JavaScript Apps on GitHub, where it can be continuously updated. You can download the entire source code, customize, and reuse it in your own mesibo based applications without any restrictions.

Can I implement a complete chat, including UI using Mesibo?

That’s right, you get APIs and all the necessary UI modules to create messaging UI, login screens, welcome screens, media pickers and more.

You can selectively integrate only those modules that you need.

We already have our own chat UI, can we use Mesibo?

Yes, you only use Mesibo core API to send and receive messages with your own UI.

Can we use mesibo for signaling, for example, to set up WebRTC sessions?

Absolutely, you can exchange WebRTC SDP using mesibo messages to set up WebRTC sessions.

Does mesibo support non-English/Asian/European languages?

Yes, mesibo is based on Unicode and hence supports all languages, fonts, and emojis.

Is mesibo IPv6 Compatible? Does it comply with Apple app store IPv6 requirements?

Yes, mesibo SDKs are IPv6 compatible. It also meets the Apple iOS app IPv6 requirements.

Is mesibo HIPAA compliant?

Yes, mesibo is HIPAA compliant. You can download the entire mesibo platform on your own data center or private cloud so that you control and manage all your data. This made mesibo the preferred choice for financial institutes, telemedicine, and all other apps that care for their sensitive business and user data and their privacy.

Does mesibo meet EU GDPR requirements?

Yes, mesibo is compliant with EU GDPR. On request, mesibo can restrict all your data to be stored and pass through EU based servers only. You can also download the entire mesibo platform and host it in your own data center or private cloud.

Does mesibo provides any control panel to administer users, groups, calls, etc.

You can log in to the mesibo console to administer your account, your users, groups, and other settings. Mesibo also provides backend API so that you can programmatically create users, groups, members, etc. Using the backend API is the recommended approach to administer your account. In fact, the mesibo console uses the mesibo backend API for administrative tasks.

Can I host mesibo on my own servers?

Absolutely, it’s part of our in-premises offerings. Visit On-Premise Installation for more details.

Is there any agreement that we have to sign to use mesibo?

There is a Master Service Agreement / Terms document available which is applicable to all the mesibo users. You or mesibo will not require to sign (e-sign or physically), accept, or otherwise agree to any other documentation to use mesibo services.

What happens if the mesibo goes out of business?

Excellent question. And this is another reason you should use mesibo. We are making mesibo an open-source and largest communication platform in the world. Most of the mesibo source code is available on GitHub repositories. Also, the mesibo on-premise solution lets you run the entire mesibo platform from your own premise and keeping your data secure with you. So, if due to some unforeseen circumstances or unnatural forces of nature, mesibo goes out of business, you can continue to use mesibo on-premise and also the source code. If you are using our cloud solution, you can download the data and move to on-premise.

So, in either case, you are safe with mesibo and have nothing to worry about.

We have specific requirements. Can you sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before we discuss our requirements?

We will be happy to help you with your requirements. However, we do not sign an NDA. The reason is that thousands of organizations use our platform, some of them are from a similar industry having similar requirements. We may have already received similar requirements from other customers and hence signing an NDA restrains us from supporting our customers and offering our services effectively.

Having said that, your requirements are secure with us. We never discuss the requirements of one customer with another, and for the same reason, we often decline requests for references. However, if an NDA is still a mandatory requirement for your organization, we request you to only share whatever you can share publicly OR obfuscate your requirements in the best possible way so that it does not reveal the purpose. Our core offering is our platform and the APIs so that you can build and customize your apps based on your requirement.

Can I use mesibo services in my country?

mesibo services are used worldwide, in over 100 countries. However, you need to check local laws yourself to see if you are allowed to add chat and calls in your app in your country. You can also check other apps in your country to get an idea.

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