Mesibo Javascript Class Reference

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Here you will find the reference documentation for all various mesibo javascript classes and utilities which you can use in mesibo scripting.

Core Functionality

Functionality Class Description
Mesibo Defines the core mesibo functionality class and various event handler like onmessage, onmessagestatus, onlogin, etc
Message The Message class that can be used to send messages


Functionality Class Description
Http A networking utility class for sending REST API requests
Socket Connect to sockets(regular and websockets) to read and write data asynchronously

Third Party APIs and Services

API Description
Dialogflow Connect to chatbots built on Dialogflow, send queries and receive responses(async) from your chatbots
GoogleCloudService A generic utility class that can be used for various Google Cloud APIs like Dialogflow, Google Translate, Maps,etc requiring OAuth2 .

Miscellaneous Utilities

Utility Description
random32 Returns a 32-bit unsigned integer
random64 Returns a 64-bit unsigned integer
hash64 Returns a hash value
startTimer Start a timer for specified number of seconds and execute the event handler defined in mesibo.ontimeout.
timeInMicros Returns the time elapsed in microseconds since the Unix epoch
timeInMillis Returns the time elapsed in milliseconds since the Unix epoch
timeInSeconds Returns the time elapsed in seconds since the Unix epoch
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