Mesibo Profile Listeners

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There are two types of profile listeners in the mesibo Profile API:

Global Profile Listener - Mesibo.ProfileListener

Your app can implement the Mesibo.ProfileListener to be notified of global profile events - either when a profile that you have subscribed to has been updated on the server, or a profile is being accessed.

The following global listeners are a part of Mesibo.ProfileListener:


Mesibo_onProfileUpdated is called when a profile that you have subscribed to is updated globally.

void Mesibo_onProfileUpdated(MesiboProfile profile){
  // Updated profile object recieved 


Mesibo_onGetProfile is called whenever your app accesses a profile. You can make modifications to the profile object here as per your local context. For example, if you are syncing profiles of contacts on your phone, you may change the name on a user’s profile as per your local address book. Note that this listener will only be called for the first time you access a profile.

If the app makes modifications to the original profile make the listener return true. If no modifications were made return false.

boolean Mesibo_onGetProfile(MesiboProfile profile){
  // This profile was accessed
  // Make modifications to the profile

  return true;

Once you implement Mesibo.ProfileListener, add that as a listener as follows:


Per Profile Listener - MesiboProfile.Listener

There are situations where you need to set a listener for particular profiles only. For example, in a messaging app, say you have expanded a profile. For now, you are only concerned about being notified of updates for a selected profile. So, set the listener only for selected profile.

To set a listener for each profile, implement MesiboProfile.Listener and set it.

The following listener is available in MesiboProfile.Listener:

void MesiboProfile_onUpdate(MesiboProfile profile){
  // This profile has been updated

Once you implement a MesiboProfile.Listener, set the listener for that profile as follows:

// mProfileSelected implements `MesiboProfile.Listener`
profile, sync, group profile