Real-time Chat APIs - Data Structures

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MessageParams is one of the most important data structures of Mesibo real-time API.

  • Android: mesibo.MessageParams
  • iOS: MesiboParams

Following are the members of MessageParams

  • mid - Message id, the id of the incoming message. For outgoing messages, mid should be specified in sendxxx() functions.
  • peer - Address of sender or receiver of the message. Address can be anything and completely defined by your application logic, for example, phone number or email address. The only requirement is that it should be unique for each user. peer should be empty (null) when sending to a group.
  • groupid - Group ID, should be specified when sending message to group, 0 for one-to-one messages. When a message is received from the group, both groupid and peer will be set.
  • profile - sender profile in the incoming message
  • groupProfile - group profile if the incoming message is for a group
  • expiry - Message Expiry for outgoing message (time to live), in seconds
  • type - Message Type, any arbitrary user defined types
  • ts - Timestamp when the message was received - in milliseconds
  • refid - Reference id, the message id (mid) of another message that is related to this message or any arbitary message context. For example, when sending a reply, the message id of the original message or if this chat is related to a particular context.
  • flag - Message Flag - can be the a combination of one or more flags

    • FLAG_DELIVERYRECEIPT- delivery receipt is required (default, set)
    • FLAG_READRECEIPT - read receipt is required (default, set)
    • FLAG_TRANSIENT - transient message which should not be stored in the database.
    • FLAG_QUEUE - enqueue this message for sending but don’t send unless send is called or the queue is full.
    • FLAG_NONBLOCKING - don’t block while queueing the message for sending.
    • FLAG_EOM (incoming only) - no more messages, can be used to update UI.
    • FLAG_FILETRANSFERRED (incoming only) - File was transferred and saved.
    • FLAG_FILEFAILED (incoming only) - File transfer failed.
  • origin - Origin of the message. Can be one of the following:
    • ORIGIN_REALTIME - realtime message.
    • ORIGIN_DBMESSAGE - message from the database.
    • ORIGIN_DBSUMMARY - summary message from the database.
    • ORIGIN_FILTER - message for filtering (moderation)
  • status - Message Status - Can be one of the following:
    • MSGSTATUS_OUTBOX - Message is pending to send
    • MSGSTATUS_SENT - Message sent to server
    • MSGSTATUS_DELIVERED - Message delivered to recipient
    • MSGSTATUS_READ - Message was read by the recipient
    • MSGSTATUS_RECEIVEDNEW - Message Received and not read earlier
    • MSGSTATUS_RECEIVEDREAD - Message Received and read earlier
    • MSGSTATUS_FAIL - Message Failed
    • MSGSTATUS_USEROFFLINE - Recipient is not active
    • MSGSTATUS_INVALIDDEST - Invalid Destination
    • MSGSTATUS_EXPIRED - Expiry reached before message could be sent


FileInfo is used in file transfer using mesibo real-time API. For more information on file transfer, read section in user guide.

Following are the members of FileInfo

  • mode, File Transfer Mode. It can be one of the following:
  • progress, File Transfer Progress (in percent)
  • url File URL - it can be an absolute URL or anything which your file transfer handler can interpret.
  • filePath, File Path
  • type, File Type. Can be one of the followings
  • size, File Size, in bytes
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