Mesibo Real-time APIs - Introduction

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Mesibo real-time API allows users to communicate in real-time by providing APIs for

  • 1-to-1 messaging
  • group messaging
  • voice and video calls

In this section, we will explore these real-time APIs in detail.

Key Components

There are three key components of Mesibo real-time APIs

  • Functions, which you can invoke. For example, to send a message, make a call, etc

  • Listeners, which mesibo will invoke for various events. For example, when you receive a message, receive an incoming call, etc. You can implement these listeners to get real-time notifications of events

  • Data Structures, various data structures used in functions and listeners

API Signatures

All the APIs have exactly the same name and parameters across the platform unless specified. They only differ in the way they are invoked in various platforms like Java (Android), Objective-C (iOS), Swit (iOS), C++, Javascript. For example, the ‘setPath’ API is invoked on various platform, as shown below:

On Android




[mesiboInstance setPath:path];



This makes it easy for you to write cross-platform code across platform. In the following sections, we will describe APIs with name and parameters.

Get Started with Mesibo Real-time APIs

Mesibo Real-time APIs are broadly classified in the following categories:

You can click on individual sections to go through each API category. Although, it is not necessary to go in the order but recommended for the first reading.

Initialization APIs >>

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