Messaging APIs - Content Moderation and Filtering in Real-time

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mesibo allows you to filter both incoming and outgoing messages as per the content moderation policy of your app, for example, profanity, personal details, URLs, etc. It is up to you to decide what is inappropriate for your app.

You can filter each incoming or outgoing message by implementing the Mesibo_onMessageFilter listener. The mesibo APIs will call your Mesibo_onMessageFilter listener every time a new real-time message is received or sent. You can return true to pass the message or false to drop the message.

void boolean Mesibo_onMessageFilter(MesiboMessage msg) {

	return true;


Server-Side Filtering

If you are using mesibo on-premise, you can deploy a script or a module to filter all the messages as per the content moderation policy of your app. Refer to the on-premise documentation for details.

You can also use mesibo scripting platform to filter messages on the server.

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