Mesibo Backend APIs - Messaging

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While your users can send messages to each other or groups using Mesibo real-time APIs, your backend can also send messages to one of your users or groups using backend API.

To send a message, you need to send a message JSON request to the backend API, for example:

    "op": "message",
    "token": "ptlk9hdel1gqxf3p0s15f5f5gtusldej18tl794suzit",

    "message": {
        "from": "me",
        "to": "you,she,he",
        "gid": 111,
        "type": 0,
        "expiry": 3600,
        "flags": null,
        "forced": true,
        "message": "This is my message"
Parameter Description Default  
op MUST have the value - “message” (see example above) Mandatory  
token Application Token obtained from the mesibo console Mandatory  
message.from From address [MUST be a valid user] To addresses, comma separated    
message.gid Group ID 0  
message.type Message Type 0  
message.expiry Expiry in seconds 1 year  
message.when Schedule after when seconds 0 (now)  
message.message Message    
message.url File URL    
message.title Title, when sending a file URL    

If the request is successful, the response will be like,

	"mid": 1387628,
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