Mesibo Documentation

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Mesibo is very easy to learn. In just a few API calls, you will be able to add real-time messaging, group messaging, calls, conferences, etc. to your apps and website.

To use mesibo APIs, you only need to:

  • create users using mesibo backend APIs
  • start communicating in real-time using mesibo real-time APIs

The best place to start is to go through the mesibo Get-Started Tutorial which explains basic concepts. You can quickly create and run the first app by reading the tutorial. Once you successfully tried the first app, visit other tutorials and API documentation as needed.

Get Started with Mesibo and Writing your First mesibo Application

This tutorial will walk you through basic mesibo concepts - how it works, various features, and key elements of mesibo.

Once you familiarize yourself with these key concepts and how mesibo works, we will swiftly move on to developing our first application for Android, iOS, JavaScript, C++, Python, etc.

Core mesibo API

The core API documentation covers the core real-time and backend APIs. All other APIs use core API and ensure that you are familiar with core APIs before using other APIs.

Mesibo Voice and Video Call APIs - Secure and end-to-end encrypted calling

Mesibo provides a set of powerful voice and video call APIs to add secure & end-to-end encrypted voice and video calling into your apps. The mesibo call APIs are easy to use, and in just a few lines of code, your app will be able to make and receive secure voice and video calls.

Mesibo Voice & Video Conferencing and Streaming API

Mesibo Conferencing and Streaming Platform makes it extremely easy for you to build a scalable conferencing app. Whether you are building a conferencing app like Zoom or a social voice-chat app like Clubhouse, or a virtual event or classroom, we’ve got you covered.

Chatbot and Scripting

Mesibo chatbot & scripting platform allows you to harness the power of Javascript to process each message your users are sending and receiving. You can create a JavaScript script that can carry out your own decision logic to process each message to create interesting chatbots and apps.


Mesibo On-Premise solution allows you to run the entire Mesibo platform in your own premise OR private cloud. We have a step-by-step guide to install mesibo on your own datacenter in less than a hour.

This multi-part series describes the design and implementation of a commercially deployable WhatsApp like app having real-time messaging, voice and video communication.

Get Mesibo

Get Mesibo SDK for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Raspberry Pi and Python. Mesibo SDK will quickly enable your apps to send and receive real-time messages and make and receive voice and video calls.

Source Code

Get complete source code of our fully featured WhatsApp like messenger app for Android, iOS, JavaScript, conferencing app and also UI modules.

Run Mesibo Anywhere

Mesibo supports almost all popular platforms and languages for you to quickly build your applications. Whether you are developing mobile apps, web apps, or integrating with backend (Linux, MacOS, Windows, Python, C++) or creating cool devices using Raspberry PI, mesibo has APIs for you.

Click on links to installation instructions for each platforms:

Mesibo for Android

Download Mesibo SDK for your Android Java and Kotlin Apps from Maven Repository

Mesibo for iOS

Download Mesibo SDK for iOS Swift & Objective-C Apps using Cocoapods or manually install from GitHub.

Mesibo for JavaScript

Add messaging, calls and conference in your Web and React Apps using Mesibo Javascript SDK

Mesibo for Xamarin

Download Mesibo Xamarin SDKs for your Android and iOS Apps from Nuget

Mesibo for Flutter

Download Android and iOS SDKs to use with your Flutter apps

Mesibo for Python

Instantly add real-time communication on your Python scripts

Mesibo for Linux

Install Mesibo on Linux to use it from varieties of applications, backend and languages like C++, Python, PHP etc.

Mesibo for Mac OS

Install Mesibo on Mac to use it from varieties of applications, backend and languages like C++, Python, PHP etc.

Mesibo for Raspberry Pi

Instantly add real-time communication on your embedded devices by using Mesibo on Raspberry Pi device.